All prospective buyers must register for a unique bidder’s number each and every sale. Registration is available in-person during preview hours or live auction. On-line registration is available 1 week prior to a scheduled auction. Please note: online registration is not available during live auction. By bidding, buyers agree to written Brooks Auction Terms and Conditions. To register, prospective buyers must present the following:

  • Valid New Jersey State Driver’s License or Government Issues Photo ID


  • Vehicle Registration
  • Secondary Photo ID
  • TWO Forms of Non-Photo ID ( Valid Credit Card, Recent Pay Stub, or School or Military Records)
  • Credit Card Pre-Authorization of and purchases limited to $500.00

Out-of-State buyers paying with a business or personal check must provide a Bank Letter of Credit. The letter may contain no less information than the example provided here: Bank Letter of Credit.


Bidder Registration Form

Fill out and submit the following form to register for a bidder’s number online. Print out and bring in your confirmation e-mail to receive your bidder’s number.


[contact-form-7 id=”7881″ title=”Bidder Registration”]



New Jersey tax-exempt dealers and re-sellers must provide a completed New Jersey Sales Tax Form ST-3 Resale Certificate and a copy of their NJ State Tax Certificate. Out-of-state dealers and re-sellers who wish to be on file with Brooks Auction must complete an Out of State Sales Tax Form ST-3NR Resale Certificate as well as provide their Tax Certificate.

If you would like to keep your tax exemption on file with us, please fill out and submit the following form as well as upload copies of both a completed Resale Certificate (found above) and your Tax Certificate.

[contact-form-7 id=”7883″ title=”Tax Exemption”]


You may fax your information to (856) 347-2987. Please specify how you would like to receive your processing confirmation.